Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shootout at a Church / LAPD Cop now Private Investigator

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

THE Introduction

This blog was created to serve its readers and to provide a knowledge base that could be easily access at anytime under most any circumstances.

I've been a licensed Private Investigator since 2002, yet my observation skills have been intact much, much longer. I've always been an astute surveyor (not to be confused with geological/land surveyor), carefully identifying and absorbing everything in my immediate surroundings. Often times I notice things that people have gone great lengths to hide. As a Christian adult acquiring spiritual knowledge in my personal walk with Christ, I eventually learned what my Spiritual Gifts were. It was probably my 1st epiphany when it was revealed to me that my strongest spiritual gift was discernment. It all started for me in junior high school back at West Covina Christian School. Some of my friends would come to me, explain their dilemma and ask for advice. It is ever so clear that my discernment abilities are directly attributed to my skills as an Investigator and Leader to those within my circle of influence.

Therefore, I am hoping to use my God given gifts and the experiences I have obtained through the years by providing realistic solutions for others. Some of those experiences will be the topics of discussion and purpose of this blog. I have no desire to focus the majority of my personal and professional experiences with you, but I do want to share my experiences in relation to the primary subject matter of this blog, Sex, Lies & Video.

Sex, Lies and Video are trends in most societies that I don't believe will cease to be top trends in my lifetime. It is unfortunate that these 3 words create a subconscious adrenaline reaction in most American and possibly in most of humans on this planet. It is also unfortunate that it will be these 3 words (In this order) that will lead to the destruction of both private person's and public figure families.

At the end of the day, the common denominator will be the sin/addiction, deceit/cover-up and the exposure/evidence. Together, we will delve into the psychology of behind this 3 actions, expose the truth and providing tangible solutions to over come these areas on bondage.

I look forward to discussing these topics with you. I know people will disagree with me yet I truly look forward to the challenging dialogue. My blogs and comments will be based on my spiritual experiences and basic Biblical hermeneutics. Therefore, like the "Always prepared Private Investigator", I will have evidence and references to refer others.

Blessing, Love & Prosperity!