Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Schwarzenegger's Mistress' MySpace Photos has "Extra Baggage"

Schwarzenegger's Mistress' Myspace Photos - (Slideshow)

Just 2 days ago I asked several questions on my blog relating to the above topic. Does infidelity matter to Americans? Are Americans concerned that their political candidates and or current legislative representatives lack integrity?  Essentially, if you cheat on your life partner/spouse why would I believe you wouldn't cheat American taxpayers?

Although Ex-Governor Schwarzenegger is no longer representing his California constituents, it appears that his infidelity may have been occurring during the time he was in public office. However, as a pundit in these area and advocate for the truth, I don't want to cast aspersions without knowing all the available facts. I have not done any real due diligence in this regard, so I will keep my thoughts to myself in this regard. With that said, marital fidelity seems to be are rare and invaluable commodity in our society. 

My question to you is this: As we as a nation continue to demand the increase of the separation of church & state, are we unwittingly destroying the moral fiber of this great nation in hopes that our nation will never be governed by a tyrannical religious sect? 
Is the majority of Americans using the separation of Church & State argument as a guise to insure that sin and unethical behavior become the norm in society, thereby preventing individuals from having to address the sin in their own lives? (IE-What I do behind closed doors is my business.)

I personally & professionally believe that it is the latter. Our culture continues to embrace relativistic philosophies and very few people want others to hold them accountable to a higher life standard. (IE-Accountability partners, spouses, friends, family, Pastors or other confidants) I've seen nothing in my 40 years of existence that would make me believe that Americans are more concerned about a real threat to their civil rights & civil liberties. However, I have seen a mountain of evidence that would imply that Americans will fight tooth & nail to prevent anyone from "telling them how to run their household".

Nonetheless, I am unsure if the author did any research into the facts of Ex-Governor Schwarzenegger's extra marital affair but I am sure most everyone will find the scandal entertaining. 

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